Empower “and” and “or” in IF statement in Stata

Stata is a little bit awkward when using and and or in if statement, compared to SAS. For example:

In SAS, we can write if 2001 <= fyear <= 2010. But in Stata, we usually write: if fyear >= 2001 & fyear <= 2010.

In fact, Stata provides a handy inrange function. The above if statement can be written as: if inrange(fyear, 2001, 2010).

Similarly, Stata provides another inlist function. The syntax is inlist(z, a, b, ...), which returns 1 if z = a or z = b … In if statement, it is equivalent to if z = a | z = b | ...

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  1. Sattar Khan says:

    Dear Professor, I want to make descriptive statistics for the pre and post period. The Data period is 2015to 2019. the pre-period is 2015&2016 while the post period is 2018&2019. Kindly, give us some insight on it.

    Regards Sattar Khan

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