Link New DealScan to Compustat

From the August 2021 update, DealScan revamped its database structure and revised its contents. IDs in the new LoanConnector Dealscan are not compatible with those in the Legacy Dealscan. As a result, the linking table provided by WRDS and Professor … Continue reading

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Display full variable names in State Results window

In State, the default width for displaying variable names in the Results window is set to 12. Sometimes it can be frustrating not to see the full variable names. Consider the following results from the tabstat command: Ideally, we’d prefer … Continue reading

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How to prevent the “log file already open” error when working with log files in Stata

Sometimes we use the log using filename, replace command at the beginning of a Do file to open a log file and record everything displayed in the Results window. However, if an error interrupts the previous execution of the Do … Continue reading

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Stata command to draw a graph showing the average of a variable by group

Suppose we have the following dataset that provides the life expectancy (lexp) of each country in each region: We can draw a bar graph to show the average (or other statistics) life expectancy of each region using two different methods: … Continue reading

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Stata command to rename groups of variables

Swap variable names: rename (v1 v2) (v2 v1) Lowercase (or uppercase, or propercase) groups of variable names: rename V1 V2, lower or rename *, lower Add suffix _old to variables v1, v2, … for one or more digits: rename v# … Continue reading

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Link FactSet and CRSP

Both FactSet and CRSP offer identifier files that contain primary identifiers at the entity level and security level (note: an entity may issue multiple securities). These files provide a mapping between their primary identifiers and all other historical identifiers such … Continue reading

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A test on Stata running speed on MacBook Pro (M1 Pro chip) and old Macs

I ran a test on Stata running speed on my newest MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) and two old Macs—iMac (27-inch, 2019) and MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019). Technical specifications: MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021): CPU Apple M1 Pro (10-core), memory 16G, SSD … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Python for accounting research

There is a temptation for accounting PhD students to invest in learning Python. However, I would recommend that accounting PhD students focus more on SAS + Stata than on Python in their first year for a few practical and technical … Continue reading

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Stata command to perform propensity score matching (PSM)

Most propensity score matching (PSM) examples typically use cross-sectional data rather than panel data. However, in accounting research, panel data (observations with two subscripts i and t, e.g., firm-years) are often used in a difference-in-differences (DID) research design. This involves … Continue reading

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Clean up TRACE Enhanced dataset

WRDS provides an excellent manual (link) and SAS code (link) for cleaning up the raw TRACE Enhanced bond transaction data, primarily based on the work done by Dick‐Nielsen, Jens, How to Clean Enhanced TRACE Data (December 3, 2014). Available at … Continue reading

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