Display full variable names in State Results window

In State, the default width for displaying variable names in the Results window is set to 12. Sometimes it can be frustrating not to see the full variable names. Consider the following results from the tabstat command:

Ideally, we’d prefer to display the full variable names as shown below:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a global setting to adjust the display width universally. Instead, we must change the default width within each specific command, and some commands even don’t provide an option for this purpose.

Below, I’ve listed the options to control display width for some commonly used commands:

tabstat ..., va(#), 8 <= # <= 32

mdesc ..., ab(#)

sum – no options for adjusting the display width

regress – no options for this, but you can view the full variable names by widening the Results window.

To see each command’s available options, type help [command].

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