Fuzzy match in Stata

Nice article. http://ebp-projects.isr.umich.edu/NCRN/papers/wasi_flaaen_statarecordlinkageutilities.pdf

Author’s website: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~nwasi/programs.html

For installation, type the following command in Stata:
net from http://www-personal.umich.edu/~nwasi/programs
net install stnd_compname.pkg

Update on August 30, 2018—The foregoing URLs seem broken. Please use the following command to install the package:
net from http://www.stata-journal.com/software/sj15-3
net install dm0082.pkg, replace
net get dm0082.pkg, replace

Reference see https://www.stata-journal.com/article.html?article=dm0082.

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2 Responses to Fuzzy match in Stata

  1. Mohamed says:

    while using the package, I receive this error message

    “No pattern file found in c:\ado\plus/p/”

    Do you mind sharing the content of package so I can manually add the pattern file


    • Bella says:

      Hi Mohamed! I have encountered the same problem. But I think I have solved it.

      Basically, you need to find where the pattern files have been located after you net install the command. Search from your local folders the following list of pattern files:
      P10 namecomp patterns.csv
      P21 spchar specialcases.csv
      P22 spchar remove.csv
      P23 spchar rplcwithspace.csv
      P30 std entity.csv
      P40 std commonwrd name.csv
      P50 std commonwrd all.csv
      P60 std numbers.csv
      P70 std NESW.csv
      P81 std smallwords all.csv
      P90 entity patterns.csv

      and then copy them all to c:\ado\plus/p/

      You will find the list in the link (Page 9 of the Pdf file) below: https://www.aaronflaaen.com/uploads/3/1/2/4/31243277/wasi_flaaen_statarecordlinkageutilities.pdf

      Hope this works as well. 🙂

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